Special 'Rotogravure' section by ARTCRAFT Rolls

along U.S. 1, Route 27 and the Damariscotta 'River Road'
in Coastal Maine

    This special photographic Webpage has nothing to do with rolls, except that we drove these roads, back and forth to Searsport ... from our Wiscasset Studio/residence and also the Boothbay roll storage building ... during the closing of 'ARTCRAFT North' at Searsport Shores. [See http://www.wiscasset.net/artcraft/listbot4.htm for details.]

    As we return to "big time" (oops: we meant "full time"!) roll work in the ARTCRAFT Studio, it seemed logical to 'share' our spectacular Fall with the Newsletter readers. So, here's our Autumn scrapbook for October '00:

Near Belfast, Maine     

1798 Congregational Church in
          Belfast     Rt. 27, to the Boothbay roll storage

Nothing like a Maine Autumn!     Along a quiet river near Lisbon, Maine

Driving to Boothbay, for more ARTCRAFT
          Rolls!     Along Route 27 in Edgecomb, Maine

(3-Strip) Technicolor leaves are
          everywhere     Parked along Rt. 27

More Fall hues     Along the River Road to Damariscotta

    One of the delights, just before reaching Searsport Shores Camping, where our perforating/vacation trailer is located, was the BELFAST "BEARFEST" ... a special "street art event" that took place during Summer and Fall -- ending on October 21st, when the bears were to be auctioned off for the Arts. While Chicago had cows, Belfast chose bears, and there were over 43 all around the city - plus one at the Information Bureau near the Maine border. We managed to photograph almost all of them, and several samples are shown below:

Line Bear ... working on the
          electric wires!     Line Bear from across High St. in

Some bears are flying over Belfast
          streets     Jack in the Box Bear near City Hall

Chicken Bear near the Belfast
          Waterfront     Betina Bear-o-lina on Maine Street

    These Belfast Bears were made of fiberglass ... and if all the on-line auction bids go through, many of them will be spread around the country soon after October 21st. The only bear "left" will be Tidal Bear, who emerges from the harbor water at low tide ... and he, we haven't seen yet, being in Belfast when the waters were high.

    Fall is over and we'll be publishing some "major league" (or rather "significant") ARTCRAFT Roll releases in very short order. We'll miss Summer/Fall in Maine, but the challenging work in the Studio should be very rewarding and productive.

    Hope you enjoyed our little photographic Web page of the Season!

    L. Douglas Henderson - ARTCRAFT Music Rolls
Wiscasset, Maine 04578
Home Page - http://www.wiscasset.net/artcraft/

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