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Wiscasset is a small village on the scenic Coast of Maine (USA). While the houses are old this one being from 1837, having wrought iron latches instead of door handles and a large hearth fireplace (for cooking, originally) there's another side to running a small niche business on the Internet, here in our picturesque village.

There are less than 100 subscribers to '', our local provider with SUPER "personalized service" ... and so there are no immediate plans to add a cgi-bin feature for Order Forms and/or a Website counter.

However, you can order by E-Mail easily, if you follow these instructions:

1) Set up the E-Mail message by clicking on this line;

2) Write your order and include the first 8 numbers of your credit card ... plus the name as it appears on the card;

3) Send us a 2nd E-Mail message ... and include the last 8 numbers of your credit card + the expiration date. [If you wish to transmit the 2nd letter overnight, that's fine with us ... and absolutely safe!]

In most cases, you'll receive an acknowledgement on the same day ... or the next morning. We operate 4 laptop computers here, being mobile, and even transmit E-Mail via cellular 'phone when camping or happen to be on-the-road. Generally speaking, we'll let you know how long the "wait" will be, which is dictated by the queue of backorders which are filled in chronological order, regardless of the size it might be.

Of course, you can telephone ARTCRAFT at (207) 882-7420 or write us via regular mail: PO Box 295, Wiscasset, ME 04578 USA ... or you can send the order on-line and then mail us the check by PO mail, as many customers prefer to do. [Shipping charges are on the Roll Menu page

As with our provider, we try to keep everything on a personalized basis. Questions about the music roll arrangements can be asked, since you are dealing with the musician-arranger who created them!

L. Douglas Henderson, ARTCRAFT Music Rolls, Wiscasset, Maine 04578 (USA) Nov. 29, 1999

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