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These Web pages feature Player-Piano rolls, Mechanical Musical Instruments — and information regarding topics related to the Pianola field:

Ian Whitcomb - Comedy, Ragtime and Vaudeville ( — a place to get lost in the joys of vintage American popular music ... plus Ian's own original compositions) ARTCRAFT publishes music rolls of Whitcomb's effervescent melodies — 3 are available now, with more to come!

Mason & Hamlin Piano Co. -  - "Being built again, in Massashusetts!" ... once more, a fine New England piano
Baldwin Piano & Organ Page
Steinway Home Page - S&S Sons - A superb Website for the famous pianoforte!
Ed Gaida's Automatic Music:
Bill Wineburgh's Home Page:
John W. Miller - Home Page:
Inlux Editions - George Bogatko's Home Page:
Cooley's Olde Tyme Piano Shoppe, Inc.:
Meliora Music Rolls:
Player Piano Restorations Illustrated:
Ragtime Home Page:
John Roache's Ragtime MIDI Library:
Gabe's Player Piano Page:
Swedish Ragtime Home Page:
Player Piano & Mechanical Music Exchange:
Orange Coast Piano
A. G. Ramet Pianola Pages
Terry Smythe's Home Page
Melody Music
Mechanical Music Digest (Jody Kravitz)
The Great Canadian Nickelodeon Company, Ltd.
Marvelous Music Machines
Pebworth's Player Piano Center Page
Greg's Antique Piano Page
Miller's Music Rolls
Our Musical House (Edward Copeland)
Fiesta Del Mariachi - a great Website for mariachi music!
Mark J. Labancz - Paragon Music Rolls
Mike Meddings - Ragtime, Blues and Hot Piano


The Musical Wonder House (Music Museum), a spectacular display of restored antique mechanical musical instruments, began as a three way partnership in 1962. The museum was operated by Lois Konvalinka and L. Douglas Henderson. Read about its GOLDEN AGE on this illustrated page:
  Click here for the Illustrated page about The Musical Wonder House

Check out these 2 topics below. Discover the 'truth' for yourself!

The 'Earwitness' Duo-Art Case — You Be The Judge!
Vladimir Horowitz discusses his Duo-Art Rolls — Click here for information

Coming SOON: NEW Interpretive Arrangements for the Ampico expression player! [Click here for details!]

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    Below, is a link to, the unusual and informative Website hosted by Jason Barile, an expert in the field of these unique musical instruments. There's also a fast, efficient and free WebMail (E-Mail) service, there, which might be of interest to you. ThereminWorld has links to books about and audio recordings of the ethereal instrument, especially The Art of The Theremin, featuring Clara Rockmore — the definitive Thereminist — accompanied by her pianist-sister, Nadia Reisenberg (whose name appears on many Aeolian player rolls). There are RealPlayer audio clips, on this link, which will give you a good sample of the "Theremin sound", at its best!

    We have a '30 Aeolian-RCA #1264 Theremin, recently restored, after decades of being in storage. It was used for duets in the 'Sixties, featuring special accompaniment rolls, created for our Duo-Art player at The Musical Wonder House. Plans are afoot to revive this activity, in the near future, for a few public concerts. Check the ARTCRAFT Newsletters for further information!

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