ARTCRAFT Metrostyle Duo-Art Interpretive Arrangement

MEPHISTO Waltz by Liszt - The ARTCRAFT Duo-Art roll

    Scott Beebe in New Hampshire, an enthusiast of ARTCRAFT Interpretive Arrangements, sent us this photograph recently, showing MEPHISTO WALTZ in performance. He has a Hardman player, but like about 50% of the purchasers is playing the ARTCRAFT Roll on a standard 88-Note player action.

    By taping over the top and bottom 4 notes, if need be, any 'reproducing' (expression) roll will operate splendidly on a standard pedal player. MEPHISTO WALTZ is one of the finest rolls which can be featured on a standard Pianola.

    The red Metrostyle line doesn't "wave about" in this arrangement, since it's used for speed correction purposes involving phrased 'blocks of music'. The feature also allows the roll "buy time" through tempo changes for the highspeed virtuoso staccato passages, when they occur in this Liszt extravaganza. For instruments without the Metrostyle pointer, ARTCRAFT has added Tempo Stamps on the right margin of the music sheet ... thus making MEPHISTO WALTZ the definitive roll for all types of pneumatic players.

    For those familiar with the Duo-Art expression scores, notice how the perforations on the left and right margins keep the dynamics "moving" all the time a trademark of all ARTCRAFT 'reproducing' rolls. (You won't find that boring, frozen expression [with 'fixed' settings!] on our sparkling Interpretive Arrangements!) Also, notice the graduated staccato perforations for the striking. A built-in 'keyboard attack' is inherent in all ARTCRAFT releases, but never has it been so effective as with this particular roll.

    MEPHISTO WALTZ has been the highlight of many significant Pianola concerts and musicales, here and abroad.

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