Player-Piano Concerts at Searsport Shores Camping
Searsport, Maine
Second Season: Year 2002

Big "Fourth of July" celebration at Searsport Shores!!
Contact the scenic Camping Resort on the 'rocky coast' of Penobscot Bay, for full details. Between an ice cream reception and spectacular fireworks, will be a short, free Pianola performance, featuring some effervescent music rolls ... to be performed in the Recreation Hall.

Among the special rolls to be presented, is a rare-rare long-playing 1917 arrangement by the Arto Co., of New Jersey. This is AN AMERICAN BATTLE SCENE (The Civil War) by Theo. Moses-Tobani, better-known for "Hearts and Flowers", the saccharine sentimental tune - often featured in old cartoons of melodramatic parodies. In later years, this prolific composer-arranger churned out scores for "A Trip To Coney Island" and the "Battle of San Juan Hill", among other 'dramatic agitato' works.

This unusual roll uses the ENTIRE SCOPE OF THE PIANO - "all the keys" - with snippets of many familiar melodies floating in and out of the bugle calls, fiery chromatics and 'conflict' passages. The finale, which will signal the start of the fireworks display, features "The Star Spangled Banner" ... an arrangement so buried in trills and fantastic, impossible-to-play-by-hand ornamentation, that it will hold any listener, spellbound.

Also, to be featured, is the proposed National Anthem, composed in Maine: the 1917 "America The Beautiful March" ... the familiar poem by Katherine Bates, but set to score which sounds like Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" or Meyerbeer's "Conoration March". This is an Interpretive Arrangement, perforated by Pianolist Douglas Henderson, originally published for the festival, which celebrated the restoration of The Statue of Liberty, in 1986.

Don't miss this 'extra' Pianola contribution to "The Glorious Fourth", at Searsport Shores, Maine! You've never seen or heard so many piano keys 'in motion'!

How often, when driving down a two-lane road, do you encounter a road sign like this?

A rustic sign announces the 2nd Season of Maine Player-Piano Concerts!

   Here's the announcement, seen closer up ...

Virtuoso Player-Piano performances by Arranger-Pianolist Douglas Henderson

    The Concerts for 2002 at Searsport Shores feature VIRTUOSO PERFORMANCES on a 1929 Story & Clark 'Reprotone' upright player, and they are open to the public, as well as tenters, campers and RV travelers.

    The Concert dates are: May 25, June 15, July 11, July 22, August 5 and September 1, 2002.  The Mechanical Music Digest published a posting about Concert #1, which is on the Internet at this location, and Robert Skoglund, Maine's "humble farmer", whose National Public Radio program of 'Maine wit' and jazz music reaches many seeking "the unusual", is also mentioning this, our second season, of performances at scenic Searsport Shores.

    Here's the sign which announced our 2nd musicale:

This Gershwin Concert will be repeated on August 5, 2002

    Each of the 3 programs will be repeated twice, during the '02 Season: Ragtime Music ... Gershwin/Art Deco melodies ... and spectacular Classical Music which was "written for", or can only be "performed by", the medium of the pneumatic Pianola.

    You can receive a free printed brochure, simply by writing to ARTCRAFT Music Rolls, by PO or via E-Mail. This flyer has information which might interest those who cannot attend these evenings of spirited and expressive piano music.

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(L. Douglas Henderson, Prop.)
PO Box 295, Wiscasset, Maine 04578 USA Tel.: (207) 882-7420

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An ARTCRAFT Music Roll customer writes:
Hi Douglas,
You are the only person I know of who is giving serious and public Pianola concerts, today.
I wish I had the time, skill, and the player piano to do so, too.
Perhaps someday.
Regards, G.