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  • I want access to the Internet for myself. How much does it cost?

  • $30 monthly for a Personal PPP account

    PPP accounts also include full access to the Internet

  • Is there a setup charge?

  • Setup is $25.

    If you would like us to install and configure your software for you, as well as show you how to access each application's basic features, we  will at no charge.

  • want to have my own personal WEB page. Is that extra?

  • No. We encourage our users to place their own WEB pages on the system. To this end, we hold html authoring classes for our users. Personal WEB pages are no additional charge.

  • How much space on the system is available to me for FTP and storage?

  • We provide up to 2 megabytes of storage on the server for each individual account at no additional cost.

  • What is the highest modem speed you support?



    We currently support access speeds up to 56000 baud.

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