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"Happy New Year" - from Wiscasset, Maine (USA)
December 31, 1997 [9:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time]

After a year of delays, including a cross-country trip to the West Coast, to bring a 3rd Leabarjan music roll perforator back to our Maine Studio, we are happy to announce that the ARTCRAFT Website has finally been launched on to the Internet.

The Duo-Art list is complete, at this date, and the 88-Note roll descriptions will "grow" on a daily basis ... and finally include the Ampico titles, plus a list of the current Tape Cassette tape offerings.

Check this Website frequently, for we will provide you with a comprehensive ARTCRAFT Roll/Tape list ... and this page will be "UPDATED WEEKLY" ... featuring 'news' about Player-Pianos, music rolls - and other announcements which should interest anyone in this sphere of the musical world.

As 1998 begins, ARTCRAFT Music Rolls starts its transition to 'on-line' Catalogues and announcements. This form of communication should greatly increase the speed with which we bring you information about our Studio activities, especially those about the forthcoming music roll releases.

From its beginning many years ago, ARTCRAFT Rolls have appealed to musicians as well as collectors who "listen" to their perforated rolls, Pianola enthusiasts who play their rolls again-and-again in order to experience the musical detail. Here - in this sphere of the player roll medium - our Interpretive Arrangements have no equal.

We look forward to giving better and faster service in 1998, now that the first stages of this Website have been completed.

Look through the roll descriptions, and if you like what you see, "much more is to come - and SOON!"

Next week this 'news' department will describe the 2 latest ARTCRAFT Music Rolls in-progress. Stay tuned - and thank you for visiting this infant Internet site!

- L. Douglas Henderson, dba ARTCRAFT Music Rolls, P.O. Box 295, Wiscasset, Maine 04578 (USA)
(207) 882-7420 - E-Mail:

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A second ARTCRAFT Website? Not really, but a "toe in the water" featuring some basic information has been on the Internet for close to a year. There's a short bio on the business which might be of interest to 'hard-core' ARTCRAFT fans. Check out this URL: (This URL will be 'auto-linked' as soon as WhoWhere's computer updates the page, which is currently using my deceased <> Microsoft Network address. In the meanwhile, just copy it for manual insertion into your browser - if you wish to read this additional material!)

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